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Capturing the Magic of Childhood

Get your free guide to documenting the magic at each age & stage, from babies to teens. Learn easy tips to create meaningful and beautifully captured documentary-style images using any cell phone or camera.

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What You'll Learn

This free 20-page guide is filled with my absolute favorite tips that any parent, grandparent or loved one can use to capture better images. Here's what's included:

  • Brainstorming checklist for each kiddo. What makes them unique at this exact age?
  • Cheat sheet of my favorite go-to ideas
  • Steps for creating a mini-image series for each of their key interests, quirks or traits.
  • Tips & tricks for composition, angles, lighting

You don't need a fancy camera or Photoshop to use this guide. Just grab your cell phone camera and a pen and I'll help you improve your family imagery!

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Learn how to think like a storyteller, and frame your images like a photographer.

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